Michael Shoko vs.Sunday News (July 2017)

Michael Shoko filed a complaint with the MCC over an article published by the Sunday News on 23 July 2017 headlined, ‘BUSSTOP TV’s Gonyeti ‘thigh’ video a must-see”.

Mr. Shoko says that Sunday News reporter Peter Matika  plagiarised parts of his article titled “Gonyeti and Misred in Game of Thighs” which was published on his online platform www.zimbuzz.co.zw on 1 3 July 2017.

The complainant says the parts outlined below for comparative purpose constitute the plagiarised paragraphs from his story:

1.      Shoko’s third paragraph: But then Boom…Bustop TV’s Gonyeti and ZiFM Breakfast host Misred cut off the lengths of their skirts and engage in some Game of Thighs and we can’t focus anymore.

a.       He says Peter Matika changed the wording a bit and in his second paragraph and wrote: In cut-off the lengths of their skirts Gonyeti and Misred engage in a somewhat “game of thighs”, which would leave men that appreciate plus size-women salivating in glee.

2.      That in paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 he wrote:

·         The double thigh dose by these two sexy women will make every man’s blood to rush in one direction independent of their brain function

·         This is the thing that Andy Muridzo must have had in mind when he penned this dedication to Gonyeti.

·         “Ndianiwakasikazvidhafu, ndiMwariwakanaka….” Sings Andy Muridzo in one line as he agrees with all the men that appreciate the Big and Beautiful Women.

·         He argues Peter Matika again lifted parts of his story and wrote: The double “thigh dose” by the two women will definitely get your blood rushing. Probably this is what Muridzo had envisioned when he wrote the song.

·         “Ndianiwakasikazvidhafu, ndiMwariwakanaka . . . ” rings the chorus of the song.


1.      He also says there are similarities in paragraph 10 of his story and another paragraph in Matika’s story:  

·         Shoko: He takes his fantasy a little bit far when he decided to go and have a dance with Gonyeti on the golf course, the result is him sprinting away from a furious madzibaba who want to beat the thirst out of him.

·         Peter Matika: The security guard takes his fantasy a little bit far when he decides to go and have a dance with Gonyeti on the golf course.

Status: Finalised

The editor of the Sunday News, Limukani Ncube, in his response acknowledged the similarities in the two stories but indicated that the reporter in question insisted the comments in question were picked up from social media. The editor therefore further acknowledged the newspaper’s belief in ethical conduct as a cornerstone of the journalism profession, the need for proper attribution and indicated the weekly’s intention to undertake in house remedial processes around strengthening professional conduct.