Gusha Adolf Vs (March 2017)

The VMCZ Media Complaints Committee (MCC) has received a complaint from Adolf Gusha over a story published by on 28 March 2017 headlined, “Rhodesians own 90pct of Masvingo Council”.

The complainant is aggrieved and says that he never said the statements attributed to him in the story either in an interview with your site or at a gathering. He adds that the story also does not state where he is alleged to have made the statements at (function or venue/place).

He states that the correct position is that the statements attributed to him were actually made by (a) Mr. Makhado of the Masvingo Residents Association at the launch of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) Masvingo Chapter recently.


Status: Pending

NewZimbabwe is still conducting its internal investigations into the matter as indicated by the editor Gilbert Nyambabvu.