Media should self-regulate: Charamba


MEDIA, Information and Broadcasting Services secretary George Charamba yesterday said the Constitution provides for self-regulation of the print media, but imposes restrictions on the broadcasting sector because of limited frequencies which are considered as national property.


Addressing stakeholders attending a workshop to discuss a petition submitted to Parliament by the Elections Resource Centre on amendments of the Electoral Act to the Constitution in Bulawayo yesterday, Charamba said even political parties were allowed to run their own publications without restriction.

“If you want a cat to be among the pigeons, expect it to be bloody, but if you want the pigeons to be on their own, then expect them to choose their king because you cannot have both,” he said.

“You cannot come to us asking us to regulate the media when the laws do not allow us to do so, and what I am saying is that, please self-regulate.”

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Source : NewsDay Zimbabwe

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