Fear, trepidation mark Media Freedom Day

On Zimbabwe’s Independence Day, April 18, Alpha Media Holdings chief photographer Aaron Ufumeli was assaulted by police while on duty, taking pictures of events during the celebrations at the National Sports Stadium.


He was attacked when police noticed that he was taking pictures of individuals who were being beaten by police and other security agents as they tried to force their way into the giant stadium.

Ufumeli says the attack shocked him as he least expected it. “The stadium was full but many people were still milling around trying to find ways of getting in. They were apparently eager to watch the football match between Dynamos and Highlanders, and they sought to take advantage of the arrival of the players’ buses. To me, that was a perfect photo opportunity,” he said.

“As I took photographs of the commotion at the main gate, some police officer struck me with a baton on my back and as I turned he hit me again on my left arm.”

Ufumeli was accredited to cover the event and had his licence tag clearly visible.

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Source : The Standard

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