Hardley Ndazi Versus Sikhumbuzo Moyo (19 May 2017)

Mr. Ndazi also registered the same preceding complaint against Bulawayo-based sports journalist Sikhumbuzo Moyo. Mr. Ndazi disputed claims made by Moyo on his twitter handle that he arrived at the stadium in the same bus with visiting Hwange FC, saying such this is not true and has harmed his reputation. Mr. Ndazi is requesting that Moyo apologises and retracts the damaging statements on the same platform (twitter) that he published them.

Status: Pending

The VMCZ has brought the complaint to the attention of the sports reporter Sikhumbuzo Moyo and Chronicle editor as well as the sports editor on the basis that while the claims may have been made on twitter, Mr. Moyo still has an obligation to use his social media account responsibly as he is taken as an authoritative source on such matters by virtue of his position as a professional and established sports journalist working for a mainstream media house. The concerned parties are yet to respond to the issues.